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Testimonial about alkaline water

doctor's child cured of Brain Tumor using alkaline ionized water, Kangen is an alkaline water machine

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Teri Maude testimonial she had suffered from migranes

Alkaline ionized water helps remove her migranes that regular medicine (and $450,000 of medical bills) failed to work on. She noticed reduction in her migranes after 3 to 4 days of alkaline water.

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Testimonial on Alkaline Water helping with Diabetes

Testimonial that diabetes, gout and high blood pressure are cured using alkaline ionized water.

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Vietnam Vet Jim Jarvis Testimonial about alkaline water

Alkaline Ionized water helps Vietnam Vet Jim Jarvis. He tells his amazing story. Pain he suffered for 40 years went away after 3 days of alkaline water. He is off most of his medicine he took for over 40 years.

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Pianist Gets Energy with Alkaline Water

Oksana Kolesnikova explains how Alkaline ionized water gives her the energy she needs for her concert performances, and she has noticed good changes in her health as well

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Patricia testimonial she had suffered from psoriasis

She tried many treatments and nothing has worked. She was introduced to Alkaline Ionized Water by a retired Registered Nurse. Patricia says that within nine months of drinking IonWays Alkaline Ionized Water from Ionways, seventy percent of her psoriasis is gone and has no doubt that the rest will be gone. Patricia also says her mother has gotten results with weight loss, arthritis and mental clarity

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Carla's Testimonial about alkaline water

Carla suffered from cancer before finding ionized alkaline water

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Nedalee's Testimonial about alkaline water

Nedalee's Testimonial about alkaline water. chanson water

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Testimonial about alkaline water

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Testimonials of Alkaline Ionized Water

This video shows evidence of the benefits of alkaline water and human health. Waterniser's water filtration system is able to purify, alkalize, ionize and vitalize your tap ...

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Genesis Ionized Water Machine Testimonials

Water for Life USA presents Lee Cannon, who has been drinking our water for 5 weeks. He testifies his arthritis has improved, he can now make a fist which he hasn't been able ...

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NFL Veteran Femi Ayanbadejo on Alkaline Water

Femi Ayanbadejo tells how the LIFE Ionizer water filtration system has given him more energy, endurance, and gives him the options from acidic to pure water, which allows him ...

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Testimonials Alkaline Ionized Water Drinkers

Testimonials from Alkaline Ionized Water drinkers.

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More User Testimonial Videos on Alkaline Ionized Water