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If regular medications and visits to the doctor are not improving your health, .....you may not really be sick.....you may have Symptoms:
  • disease
  • aching bones
  • low energy
  • headaches chronic
  • poor digestion
  • chronic diahrea
  • body odor
  • laziness

  • The incredible fact is that millions have a Zombie condition can be treated simply by changing a diet by adding alkaline foods, and ionized water. Unfortunately, the corporate medical community is not interested in treating Zombies so this information has not been disseminated well.

    There is hope now.
    Cancer & Disease Treatment - 40 years ago the government declared a war on cancer (common ailment of s). s will never benefit from the (expensive) treatment options recommended by the medical industry.

    Alkaline Foods - Highly alkaline foods are a good antioxidant for your body. Your body needs a good balance between acidic foods and alkaline foods. Learn what foods are acidic and what foods are alkaline.

    Alkaline Ionized Water Testimonials - Alkaline water may help you like it did for hundreds of others. We have compiled a number of user testimonials of how it worked and how long it took to see beneficial changes in their health.

    Alkaline Foods & Ionized Water - Get more information on how a diet rich in alkaline foods and supplemented with a lot of alkaline ionized water can result in miraculous cures and keep you living life to the fullest.

    Portable Alkaline Water Ionizers - Get good quality alkaline water with the power of a stick. Place stick in your favorite water bottle. Get alkaline water over 8.0ph with low -Orp (ionized) without the need for an expensive water machine. Most sticks under $50 and last 3 months.

    Alkaline Water Ionizer Machines - We have assembled a list of the best water ionizers on the market. There are a large number to choose from many offer extended warranties. Great for family use. Stop buying bottled water. No bottled water can compare to the high Ph, very low Orp (ionized) offered by these machines. Many high quality machines for under $1500.

    Water Bottles/Water Filters - When using your alkaline water away from home be sure to use safe bottles and filters. Alkaline ionized water looses its strenght after a few hours, use the best containers for storing your water. These bottles can also be used with alkaline ion sticks.